Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

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Importance of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification                                                                  

A brief look up at the history of Six Sigma gives you an idea on the benefits of its use to a business enterprise. Since its beginning in the early 80s where Motorola introduced it to their business process, the impact of Six Sigma on its bottom line has helped many enterprises to adopt by businesses across industry verticals.

Learning Six Sigma and applying its methodologies in your work life can help you to stand apart from the crowd and brings a greater impact to the business as well. Having Six Sigma certification on your resume sets you apart from your uncertified counterparts and demonstrates your business acumen and analytical skills.

A certified Six Sigma Black Belt professional is one who has comprehensive knowledge on Six Sigma philosophies and principles, with supporting systems, and tools. A Black Belt credential holder is a leader who understands team dynamics, knows proper role delineation and responsibilities. In fact, they have comprehensive understanding of DMAIC model that is in accordance with Six Sigma principles.

   Get Dinak Consulting  Advantage                                

  • TUV SUD accredited certification training
  • 6-day interactive instructor-led training program
  • Six Sigma Black Belt expert trainer
  • Copy of course content provided
  • 45 PDUs certificate offered
  • Interactive sessions with case studies
  • Six Sigma Black Belt practice tests with detailed answers and explanations
  • Exam fees included in the training course
  • Classes across 108+ locations worldwide
  • Instructor-led training that is always on schedule
  • Weekend and weekday classes held for the convenience of working professionals

   Advantage of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Better Execution

Six Sigma links strategic initiatives to operational improvements to create efficiencies for your business.

Build Customer loyalty

Six Sigma helps to target your customer needs so you can improve the things that matter most to your customers.

Create Greater Returns

Six Sigma helps to lower the operational costs and reduce the turnaround time in delivery of products and services to bring about higher customer satisfaction.

Certifies your Talent

The Six Sigma Black Belt credential is proof that you have the experience and skills to deliver quality service that matches customer expectations.

Improves your work performance

Professionals with Six Sigma Black Belt credentials earn close to ~USD 120,000 with global opportunities.

Opens Doors

A Six Sigma Black Belt credential can get you access to globally renowned companies of your choice.

Applies Everywhere

Six Sigma Black Belt certification is based on achieving excellence while providing quality services. The concepts and techniques can be adapted to any real-world challenge across industries, market segments and geographies.

   About Dinak Stragegy Consulting

Dinak Strategy Consulting Limited is a highly respected strategic process management firm operating in the knowledge industry and dedicated to building excellent delivery capacity in clients and organizations across Africa and beyond. Our goal is to detect, capture,, and develop ideas from within and beyond business with the potential to impact how our clients think about strategy and competitive advantage.

We offer courses in various categories such as Project Management, Business Analysis, IT Service Management, Agile Project Management, IT Security Management and Marketing. We have trained over 5,000+ professionals across Nigeria and are a trusted partner for large companies, small and medium businesses, and government organizations to deliver globally-recognized training and certification programs Dinak Consulting certification training programs are adhered to global standards such as ISACA, PMI, TUV SUD, AXELOS and CIM.

   Who Should Attend

  • Engineers / Professionals / Executives who want to understand Six Sigma as a management tool for process and performance improvement at their work place
  • Managers, Project Leaders, Senior Engineers, Black Belt Candidates and anyone who desires an understanding of Six Sigma principles and
  • Also production managers, front line supervisors, quality professionals, and individuals who are responsible for improving quality and processes at an enterprise or departmental level, including champions and process owners

   Eligibility Overview

Six Sigma Black Belt certification training course is beneficial for engineers, managers, quality professionals and technical staff with a minimum of 2 years work experience. To take up the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training, professionals should have completed their Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

   Examination format

  • Examination paper will consist two parts – A & B
    • Part A will have 100 MCQs
    • Part B will be project submission of 50 marks
  • The examination is considered passed when the two parts of the examination are i.e. each part of the examination must be passed, independently of the other.
  • Passing part A is a prerequisite for participation in part B
  • Both of the parts of the examination must be completed within 8 months from the first participation in the part A examination, otherwise the examination is This time limit of 8 months applies in all possible cases, including repetition of individual parts.
  • Candidate need to score minimum 60 % of the total marks in both the parts respectively and also need to obtain aggregate 70 % marks of the total marks (i.e. 105 out of 150) to pass this
    • Mode: Electronic or pen paper based for part A
    • Part B: Formats will be provided for submission of the
    • This is an open book exam
    • Each question is of one mark

Duration of exam:

Part A: 180 minutes

Part B: if part A is passed, then submission should take place within 8 months from the date of exam of part A. The submission must occur in any way before the end of 8 month time limit.

   Syllabus of Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Define Stage

  • Identify Problem
  • Validate Problem
  • Establish Strategic Alignment
  • Gather Voice of the Customer & Business
  • Create Goal Statement
  • Validate Business Case
  • Determine Scope
  • Select Team
  • Develop Timeline
  • Communicate Plan
  • High-Level Process Map (Level 1 )
  • Complete Define Gate

Measure Stage

  • Map Current Process
  • Go & See Process
  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • Create Value Stream Map
  • Identify Key Input, Process and Output Metrics
  • Develop Operational Definitions
  • Develop Data Collection Plan
  • Validate Measurement System
  • Continuous
  • Discrete
  • Collect Baseline Data
  • Identify Performance Gaps
  • Complete SWOT Analysis
  • Estimate Financial / Operational Benefits
  • Determine Process Stability
  • Determine Process Capability
  • Complete Measure Gate

Analyze Stage

  • Identify Potential Root Causes (Fishbone, 5 Whys, etc)
  • Reduce List of Potential Root Causes (Affinity, Pareto, etc)
  • Statistics
    • Basic Statistics
    • Basic Charts
    • Distributions – Normal, Binomial, Poisson
    • Hypothesis Testing
      • One Sample Z Test, T Test
      • One Sample Proportion
      • One Variance
  • Two Sample T Test
  • Two Proportion
  • Two Variance
  • Chi Square
  • Linear Regression
  • Multiple Regression
  • Confirm Root Cause to Output Relationship
  • Estimate Impact of Root Causes on Key Outputs (Hypothesis Tests, Regression, etc)
  • Prioritize Root Causes (XY Matrix, etc)
  • Complete Analyze Gate

Improve Stage

  • DOE
  • Develop Potential Solutions
  • Develop Evaluation Criteria
  • Select Best Solutions
  • Apply Lean Concepts
  • Develop Future State Process Map(s)
  • Develop Pilot Plan
  • Pilot Solution
  • Develop Full Scale Action / Implementation Plan
  • Complete Improve Gate

Control Stage

  • Implement Mistake Proofing
  • Develop SOPs, Training Plan and Process Controls
  • Implement Solution
  • Establish Ongoing Process Measurements
  • Identify Project Replication Opportunities
  • Control Charts
  • C P Chart, U Chart, NP Chart
  • Estimate Final Financial / Operational Benefits
  • Transition Project to Process Owner
  • Develop Audit / Response Plan
  • Create Final Storyboard
  • Complete Control Gate

Case Studies: Manufacturing Industry, Case Studies: Service Industry, Case Studies: Lean, Case Studies: 5S

On Hands Training – MINITAB means industry questions will be shared with participants and will be supposed to perform the operations as per the training provided.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training


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