Agile Scrum Master Certification Boot Camp

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Importance of Agile and Scrum                                                       

Project Management has  evolved over  the last two  decades with  best  practices  and  methodologies  forged  together  to  create a robust framework  for  enterprises.  Today, Agile has   become  one  of  the  most important developments  in  recent years. With ever increasing the need for high priority requests and consistency in deliverables,  Agile project management has allowed faster iteration of products and increase in success rates of overall completion of projects.


Scrum is one of  the most  universally  accepted practices  within  Agile project  management,  and  this  way of working is usually seen in software development  projects  which uses  short  time-boxes  and  has  a  repeatable work cycle.   Both   Agile and Scrum are now increasingly being used outside of software development in other types of projects to establish cross-functional and self-managed teams to produce deliverables  during   each  it elation  or Sprint. In a way, Agile and Scrum plug several gaps that are found in traditional project management methodologies or frameworks.


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  • EXIN accredited Agile Scrum Master certification exam training
  • Expert trainer, interactive sessions with case studies
  • Agile and Scrum Master mock sample tests
  • Classes across 108+ locations worldwide
  • Exam fee included in the training course
  • 16 PDUs certificate provide
  • Instructor-led training that is always on schedule
  • Global approval and accreditation


           Benefits of Agile Scrum Master Certification

  • Opens up opportunities for moving up to senior project management roles
  • Makes you a global professional with internationally-recognized Agile project management skills in demand worldwide
  • Gives credibility to your capabilities, enhancing your worth in the eyes of potential employers
  • Makes your CV stand out as a certified and qualified professional and distinguishes you from your peer
  • Builds your knowledge and skills to improve your work performance in project management roles



                  About  Dinak Strategy Consulting LTD             


Dinak Strategy Consulting Limited is a highly respected strategic process management firm operating in the knowledge industry and dedicated to building excellent delivery capacity in clients and organizations across Africa and beyond. Our goal is to detect, capture,, and develop ideas from within and beyond business with the potential to impact how our clients think about strategy and competitive advantage.


We offer courses in various categories such as Project Management, Business Analysis, IT Service Management, Agile Project Management, IT Security Management and Marketing. We have trained over 5,000+ professionals across Nigeria and are a trusted partner for large companies, small and medium businesses, and government organizations to deliver globally-recognized training and certification programs Dinak Consulting certification training programs are adhered to global standards such as ISACA, PMI, TUV SUD, AXELOS and CIM.


           Agile Scrum Master Boot Camp Course Overview

Agile way of thinking
  • Agile concepts
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain the Agile way of thinking
      • Explain how Agility brings predictability and flexibility


Continuously improving the process

  • The candidate can…
    • Explain how to use continuous improvement


  • Other frameworks and other Agile frameworks
    • The candidate can…
      • Recognize other frameworks and methodologies: Waterfall, Crystal, Lean, XP, DSDM,


  • Applying Agile principles in IT Service Management 5%
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain how to apply Agile principles within IT Service Management


Scrum Master Role
  • Responsibilities and commitment
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain which tasks and responsibilities belong to the Scrum Master role
      • Explain which solutions are suitable for solving problems
      • Explain which tools to us to facilitate the team


  • Coaching the team and mediating
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain when and how to mediate through conflict
      • Explain how to coach and challenge the team
      • Explain the importance of training


  • Other roles (Product Owner, Development Team)
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain all roles within the Scrum framework


Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control
  • Writing and maintaining the Product and Sprint Backlog
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain why a good Definition of Done is so important
      • Create and recognize good User Stories
      • Explain how to maintain the Product Backlog and how to add Product Backlog Items


  • Agile Planning
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain iterative planning in all the planning moments: Roadmap, Release and Sprint Planning
      • Explain the role of the Scrum Master in all the planning moments: Roadmap, Release and Sprint Planning


  • Agile Estimation
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain when and how to estimate using Story Points, Ideal Hours and Ideal Days
      • Explain how to guide a planning session, with and without Planning Poker


  • Recognize errors in estimation
  • Explain how to calculate ROI (Return on Investment)


  • Tracking and communicating progress
    • The candidate can…
      • Identify impediments, deviations, roadblocks and other obstacles that influence the progress positively and negatively
      • Explain how to create Information Radiators, how to interpret them and how to act on the results
      • Explain commonly used tracking methods (Burn-Down Chart, Velocity…)


  • Staying in control
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain how to manage issues, bugs and informing


Complex Projects
  • Scaling Agile projects
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain how to use the Product Backlog in a scaled environment
      • Explain how to scale to larger teams using Scrum-of-Scrums


  • Suitability of Agile for different types of project
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain in which cases it is not possible to use Agile
      • Identify the limits of a Scrum Team


  • Agile administration in tooling and tool integration
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain which tools can help a team to use or adopt Agile and thereby increase the quality of the development process


Adopting Agile

  • Introducing Agile
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain which project management activities are important to include in the transition plan
      • Explain which milestones are important in the transition
      • Explain how to deal with resistance to change


  • Self-organization
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain what self-organization means and how project management is shared
      • Explain what it means to have a cross-functional team


  • Agile requirements and proper environment
    • The candidate can…
      • Explain what changes in culture need to be made before adopting Agile
      • Explain what physical changes need to be made before adopting Agile

Agile Scrum Master Certification Boot Camp


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